National Honey Month 2021

Wohoo!! One of our favorite months of the year is September because it is National Honey Month!! We are very blessed to bee able to talk with everyone about honey, beekeeping, and bees every day! However, we think the whole world should learn more about bees and how they work and function. So, every year we share 9 things we think many people may not know about bees or honey!

1-Bees use water for keeping the beehive at a proper temperature! The bees will put a thin layer of water down on the beeswax and move their wings very fast circulating the moisture and cooling the hive. The world’s first swamp cooler how cool is that?

2- Orchid bees are a species that only pollinate orchids; they will share nests with other orchid bees, and they live in tropical locations!

3-Honey is a humectant; this means that honey will draw moisture to your skin! That is why honey is used in so many lotions, face masks, hair conditioners, soaps, and lip balms!

4-The first modern beehive was made in 1851 by L. L. Langstroth! He is known as the father of beekeeping and was the one who discovered what bee space was in 1852. Bee space is known as a ¼ of an inch to 3/8 of an inch. This is where bees will walk around the frames of honey in this space and they would not fill the space with wax.

5-One of the oldest drinks on the planet is called mead; this is a fermented honey alcohol. Many cultures have been enjoying mead for centuries; Greeks, Irish, and the Mayans, just to name a few. Many mead makers now add different fruits and flavorings to offer an even bigger variety of mead!

6-The first honey extractor was invented in between 1864 and 1865 in Venice by a man named Major Franz Elder Von Hruschka!

7- Many species of bees will build exposed honey comb on tree limbs. The bees will use propolis as a lining between the tree limb and the honey comb. This lining of propolis traps the ants that try to take the honey!

8-Milkweed and orchids have something called pollinium; this is a bundle of pollen that gets carried to the other flowers for pollination!

9-Do you know that if it gets too hot on the inside of the beehive the beeswax can melt?

Please share with everyone you know and spread the word about how special and amazing bees are!! Help save the bees with us!!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

The Sunflower and the Bees

What is the most fascinating thing you have ever seen?

For me; it was seeing the process of how sunflower seeds are actually made! I have known my whole life that sunflower seeds came from sunflowers, however, actually seeing the process made it come to life! One of the blessings that came out of 2020 for us was that we were forced to slow down and actually stop and smell the roses. We decided to plant more flowers last year and actually got the joy to watch them grow, bloom, and watch the bees buzz about.

When the sunflowers popped up, I was so excited to just sit and watch the bees move about the flower. The bees move about in a counter clock wise direction! Look at all of the pollen this bee has!

For some reason I had never seen that the sunflower has a lot of little flowers in the center! Each of those little flowers has to be pollinated for us to get sunflower seeds!!

It took a couple of weeks before I saw the flowers dry out and little seeds were underneath these tiny flowers! They have to be brushed off to see the seeds!

Then we were able to peel the seeds out of the head of the sunflower! WE HAD HARVESTED OUR SUNFLOWER SEEDS FROM OUR OWN GARDEN!!! To see the whole process was just mind blowing for me and so exciting for the whole family! We hope to get more this year; thanks for buzzing by!

From Our Bee Hive To Yours,

Bee Queen

Mika’s Toy Box and The Honey Cottage gift card give away!

I have to say that being a small business owner has not been easy in the last year. We have been blessed by our customers each and everyday and are truly grateful. We were very surprised to see businesses helping other businesses by talking about each other on social media! We love that the community is pulling together and helping in anyway that they can.

To celebrate all our customers stepping up and keeping our business in business through all of these difficult times we say thank you! Any time you make a purchase in February you may enter for a chance to win a $25 dollar gift card. This gift card is sponsered by Mika’s Toy Box here in Colorado Springs! We want to step up and help each others businesses get their names out there as much as we can!

Mika is a spunky young entrepreneur who loves to share her experiences with her fans! Mika has reading videos, unwrapping presents videos, silly joke videos, and adventure videos on her channel. This channel is perfect for kiddo’s that are looking for something fun and educational. It is also perfect for kids that love a good laugh! We are also hoping to get her some sponserships to keep her channel going!! Please buzz by her youtube channel and check her out!

Check out her Youtube channel;

From Our Bee Hive To Yours,


Buzzed with gratitude for 2020!


Are you ready for 2021?

Oh my heavens what a year! We don’t know about you, but 2020 left us feeling bee-yond thankful and grateful for our AMAZING customers. Yes, this year has been hard, but it has also left us humble for our community and customers that shop with us! You took the time to really make an impact on our lives.

So, we wanted to take a moment and just say Thank you. Thank you for shopping with us, thank you for sending honey to your family and friends, and thank you for keeping us going. Our community has been absolutely fantastic in doing everything they can to shop local. Customers who live far away have been shopping local and even on-line. Thank you for calling ahead to place orders. Thank you for the customers that are sharing us with their families! We had a family come up from Texas and came in because their sister needed honey as well!

Thank you for helping your neighbors; we have had a great number of customers shop for their neighbors too! Thank you for fighting for your community. Thank you for the soldiers who are not only fighting for our country, but who also placed orders. Thank you to the military families that are sending honey over sees so they have a piece of home!

Thank you to Kangaroo Coffee for buying gift cards for their customers. Thank you to the customers that bought honey sticks to give as gifts to the hospital workers! Thank you for those who have come in and bought honey to give as gifts to their friends, families, and loved ones. Thank you to the new customers that are now finding the sweet spot in Colorado Springs!!! Thank you to the customers that come and visit us for your honey needs!

As we celebrate the New Year, we are reflecting on what an impact all of you have made not only to us, but in our community. We are seeing more togetherness even while we are apart. We are seeing people connect more even if it is over video chat. We are seeing more people caring, loving, and making an impact.

We are bee-yond grateful, thankful, and truly buzzed by all of you! Thank you for making 2020 a little easier to buzz through! We hope 2021 is fantastic!!!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

The Honey Cottage for Kids- Lily’s spread

At The Honey Cottage; we get asked all the time how to use jalapeno and apricot habanero jellies. I was super sad when mom would answer, use it with cream cheese. I don’t like hot stuff! I was surprised when mom said we can use other types of jam! I am so excited to share this recipe; I used blueberry peach honey butter from Honeyville. I think this recipe is super special because of how yummy it is!


8 ounces of cream cheese

1/2 a jar of blueberry peach honey butter


We use a separate plate for the cream cheese so it does not soak into the crackers.

Open the cream cheese and place it onto a small plate. Pour half a jar of blueberry peach honey butter on top. Serve with crackers and enjoy!!

Small Business Saturday November 28, 2020

Why support small businesses on Small Business Saturday?

A couple of years ago, I read a blog that was talking about how everyone needs to have support on Small Business Saturday. This included big businesses because our neighbors, friends, and family members work there so it is good to support their pay check. At first, I agreed with this blog because I understood their message bee-hind it.

Then 2020 hit…

Here is why I bee-lieve you should be supporting small businesses on Small Business Saturday. When COVID-19 hit this year, we saw a large increase of people shopping at big businesses. They have food, electronics, toys, and other daily essentials that people need. While small businesses had to shut down. They had to let people go. Other businesses literally could not survive the shut down to keep going. Many tried to get on-line sales, curb-side pickup, and even went as far as to deliver to homes to try and keep going. Small businesses suffered while big businesses kept booming by the influx of buyers.

I also realized something else this year; where do people shop on black Friday and cyber Monday? That is right big stores. So many people rush out to get the better deals, the big buy, or the cheapest items to make the budget stretch. I get it. We are all on a budget so I totally understand these sales and do not down them.

What I am trying to get across is; big businesses are not suffering they get support 365 days a year!  Small businesses have one special day that belongs to Small Businesses. Small Business Saturday is about supporting the mom and pop shops that are trying to do something they are passionate about while also making a living. When you show your support by shopping with a Small Business you are helping them. For some it is putting their kids through school, paying for dance lessons, paying rent for their home, or allowing them to support other businesses.  For some businesses this is their big push to get through the slow months of January and February.

Now let me be clear; I completely understand that COVID-19 has changed the game this year. Maybe you are not able to get out. Maybe you don’t want to be around people. We totally understand. BUT, you can shop on-line or call them and ask them if they can do curb-side. Or shop on another day when it is less crowded. Customers don’t like seeing their favorite businesses go; so, let’s all work together to keep Small Businesses open!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

Confessions of a Beekeeper 2020

Do you get super excited about what you do?

I feel as beekeepers we should be doing more than collecting honey because we get money from it. Beekeeping should be about the excitement of keeping bees, educating people, and getting excited about what other beekeepers are doing!

At The Honey I have seen people get really antsy about the bees! The pure excitement that I feel when I watch a bee, go from one flower to the next, is indescribable. This summer, I got even more excited when I saw that we got sunflower seeds from our sunflowers. To watch the bee go to each flower on the sunflower and then get seeds three weeks later blew my mind! That is how beekeeping works for me too! They go from flower to flower drinking the sweet nectar, put the nectar into the cells of the beeswax, and then BAM! a couple of weeks later there is honey! It is way more exciting then television! You get to see the whole cycle of our food system as you watch them.

For the longest time I have been stumped on on why beekeepers would feed their bees; high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar water, or powdered sugar. To bee bluntly honest…I still am! I understand that it is another food source, for bees, if there are no plants around. I understand that the consistency of sugar water is the same as flower nectar. BUT here is my problem; as humans WE KNOW we don’t get nutrition from sugar. No vitamins. No minerals. No trace minerals. No energy. No health benefits. Right?!?! So why do so many beekeepers insist on feeding it to the bees? If our immune system takes a hit and makes us more susceptible to catching a cold, flu, or any other illness; why do the same thing to bees? Bees get the same nutrition we get when we eat a salad because they are the ones pollinating the flowers so we get the food. So why are we not pushing for more people to plant flowers and gardens?

OMG watching another beekeeper do honey harvesting is way cooler then watching a movie star go to the store with no make up! To say that I was overwhelmingly excited is an understatement! The smell of honey baths your senses like no other experience. Seeing their process, their machines, and talking about their methods is BEE-YOND anything else in the world! I feel this is how we should be reacting to beekeeping and to other beekeepers. I think we should be excited to try their honey, talk about beekeeping, and sharing ideas. We should be excited about why they bee-lieve in the methods they use. Beekeepers should be passionate about taking care of the bees; it will show in your honey 😉

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

National Honey Month 2020

This really is one of my favorite months; I love that I can talk about honey everyday at The Honey Cottage. To bee able to share with others around the world is even more exciting! As a continued tradition here are our favorite fun facts for the year 2020!

1- Even though bees are fed sugar water, corn syrup, or high fructose corn syrup; they get no nutritional value from it. This leaves them open to low immune system and even viruses.

2- If nectar is not gathered from flowers by bees it is not honey.

3- Raw Honey is good for cancer patients because it keeps the body alkalized; meaning it will not feed the cancer.

4- There are 118 known chemical elements; depending on the flower sources available, bee pollen can have about 60 of them!

5- Bees do not have a nose or lungs!! Bees actually breathe through holes in their sides!

6- Propolis is loaded with bioflavonoids which are fantastic for fighting off free radicals in the body, mending blood vessels, and aid your bodies ability to fight off illness.

7- In order for us to get food on the table; a bee has to pollinate the flowers. On a sunflower there are about 1,000 individual flowers on it; if each one is not pollinated the sunflower seeds do not produce!

8- Amino acids are important for the human body to function; from making hormones to healing. Bee pollen is one of the few foods that have ALL 22 amino acids!!

9- Bees have three ways to taste; they can use their proboscis, their antennae, and their feet!

Share with everyone you know and spread the word about how special bees are!! The more we know about bees the more we can help them properly. Help save the bees with us!!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

The Honey Cottage for Kids – Honey Chocolate Milk from Lily Bee’s Kitchen!


My favorite drink is honey chocolate milk; I like it because I can drink this hot or cold. Plus, I can make it by myself. I use the honey because it is so good in chocolate milk and it makes my taste buds very happy! I don’t like sugar because it is overly sweet. I also like that I can use different honeys; like blueberry or local honey. I don’t get it a lot, but I really love this drink with whip cream.


8 ounces-Milk

1 Tbsp.-Honey

1 Tbsp.- Cocoa powder


I take about 3 ounces of the milk and warm it up in the microwave, 30 seconds. I then add the honey to the milk and give it a good stir. Then I add the cocoa powder and stir it until thoroughly mixed. Then add the rest of the milk and stir again. If your like me, you will love whip cream on top! Enjoy the honey chocolate milk!!

Thanks for buzzing by Lily Bee’s Kitchen!!

What is Raw Honey? Part II


Welcome back to The Honey Cottage; What is Raw Honey Part II! Last month we talked about; what is raw honey? What are the nutritional benefits of honey? Now, we will bee going over; why is honey different from other sugars you find at the store? Can I get sugar free honey? How is honey better from other sugars? 

Honey is a much better sweetener because it is not a chemical made by man. It does not feed cancer and other illnesses because raw honey is an alkaline ash food; acidic foods feed cancer!! That is why cancer patients can have honey safely because it aids the body by keeping it at an alkalized state. Honey that is produced from flowers, meaning the bees are not eating sugar water, and is kept in the raw state has vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients that boost your immune system. It even has antioxidants!! When raw honey is eaten it will raise your blood sugar and level off; that means no crazy sugar crashes!  

Don’t want sugar in your honey? Well there is no such thing as “sugar free” honey. Bees collect the nectar from flowers and raw honey is made from plants and flowers. If the honey is not coming from flowers or being made by bees; it is not honey. Honey is the best “sugar” you will find on the market. Dr. Ronald Fessenden is a medical doctor out of Castle Rock Colorado. He has been working with honey for years. He has written several books showing that the benefits of honey and what it does for the body. He recommends honey for his diabetic patients, for those who are sleep deprived, and many other daily health improvements. One of his books, The Honey Revolution, breaks down how honey can work with your body and boost your body’s ability to fight allergies, stress, and yes even how it works with your body to kick cancers butt!! Honey has been around for centuries and does not go bad. We highly recommend that if you don’t want any sugar then just don’t eat any. Fight for your body not your cravings!  

The human brain lives off of glucose which can be found naturally in; raw honey, molasses, and fruits. When the brain has not had enough glucose; people have issues with brain fog, tiredness, and irritability. When your body is not getting enough sleep that means your body can lose its ability to fight off infections, your immune system can crash, or you are more susceptible to getting sick. Honey is the ONE sugar that will fight for you and get you the little sweetness you are wanting. Many people have even noted how they use less honey then they would sugar! Oh, and remember the prebiotics and probiotics; those feed your healthy gut bacteria making it easier for your body to break food down and getting your body the nutrients, it needs to bee healthy! This is why honey is the bee-st pick for sweetening your food!  

From our hive to yours, 

Bee Queen