The Essentials of Honey Kissed Skincare

Of course, honey is a key ingredient in all of products made at Honey Kissed Skincare and yes it is essential in the formula.
However, the essentials I am referring to, for this article, are the essential oils. Think of the product line as aromatherapy for the bath. We will never use fragrance oils (as my grandmother said… they just make you stink pretty).
Skin care is essential to healthy living and is so much more than a fantasy smell.

The use of essential oils goes back thousands of years.  Not as long as honey, but still a long rich history. The history on essential oils dates back to 4500 B.C., according to papyrus found in the Temple of Edfu.
Hieroglyphics in the Egyptian Temple of Isis, on the island of Philae, describes the ritual of “ Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”, a three day ritual that required using essential oils.

Then there are the Greeks, or should I say Hippocrates (the father of medicine), who learned a great deal of the Egyptians use of essential oils.  Hippocrates attended the school of Cos, which had teachings that were learned from the cities of the Nile.

Lastly, there are the Romans, who purified their temples and political buildings by diffusing essential oils. They also used aromatics in their steam baths, to both invigorate the flesh and ward off disease.
Plant oils were used by so many cultures throughout time for healing, health, and spiritually. Until, modern man discovered drugs and became civilized. This civilized man thought of the old ways as “folklore”.  Their thoughts switched to not needing the healing properties from oils and plants, THEY NOW HAD DRUGS. After this, essential oils were forgotten for a while.

Well, in the late 19th century essentials oils were reintroduced into modern medicine, thanks to Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Ph D. He was a cosmetic chemist from France and in 1907 he led a group of scientists and began studying essential oils.

It is true what they say, everything old is new again.

At Honey Kissed Skincare we believe in the power of the essential oils that the ancient’s knew so well and modern man has just discovered. The oils from nature can and do so much for one’s spirit, mind, body, and oh yes our skin.
Whether you choose perky peppermint oil, lovely lavender oil, or even the golden Frankincense and Myrrh combination; essential oils are so good for your skin and will leave a heavenly scent.
(You won’t stink, pretty or not) Thanks Grandma.


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