What is the magic in Essential Oils?

At Honey Kissed Skincare we believe there is a certain magic or, should we say, force found in the gifts that Mother Nature has given to us.

Since the beginning of time humanity has tried to capture and hold the fleeting scent of a flower.  Think of all the memories that are tied to a special floral scent, how we long to relive an experience, to feel that long lost emotion that only that floral scent can unlock.  As if a magical moment was lost forever.  Well, the magic is not lost; in fact it can be bottled to be relived again and again. This magic of the flowers or should I say their essences that we long to hold is very real.

There are healers, alchemists, and lovers who, at different times and from various parts of the world, have found the key to capturing the magic of these floral scents. To be able to preserve them and be able to use at will. These ethereal oils were known as … the soul of the plant!  Magical, Heavenly, or celestial as these treasures seemed to be was summed in a word ETHEREAL.  Essences is what we now call them because that is what they are, the essence of the plant. This essence, this magic, this life force, the very power of the plant is different with each plant. Each has it’ own fragrance, its own personality, its own energy – no two are alike.

When one takes a closer look at this magical gift from the plant world it is found that the oil is located in the form of globules or tiny sacs in or on the surface of the plant tissue. Some can be seen with the naked eye, such as Saint-John’s-Wort when held up to a strong light.

Why are these ethereal or essential oils produced by the plants? They are not just a byproduct of the plants metabolism. Essential oils play a vital part in the life of the plant. To scare off harmful insects and attract beneficial ones is the job of essential oils for many plants. These oils protect the plants from bacteria and fungal infection. When the oils evaporate during the life of the plant a vapor is created that form a barrier that protects the plant from too much cold or heat.

Essential oils are not really oils in the true sense of the word, they are volatile. When a drop of essential oil is placed on a sheet of white paper they evaporate without a trace. They float like magic from your skin into the air, unlike the fatty oils such as olive oil or corn oil.

Honey Kissed Skincare would like to share this gift of nature with you.  Everything we do is with your skin and nature in mind. We promise to never use man made fragrances, No man can equal Mother Nature


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