Let’s look at your ACNE

Acne is a skin condition of the skins hair and oil glands. It involves pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts. Acne on your face can ruin your day by making you self-conscious and body acne can make you very uncomfortable. Some people tend to ignore the thought of “ Acne Skin Care” thinking of it as a minor problem. Honey Kissed Skin Care, believes the importance of such skin conditions should not be discarded in any way.

Honey Kissed Skin Care emphasizes that one should follow a daily skin care routine. Start before acne appears and be aware of preventive measures. Lets take a look at a daily routine and how to apply it for a clear complexion.

Skin care starts with cleanliness and the basic element of water used both inside and out . Start your day with a shower and a nice glass of H2O . Many people even take a shower at night, not only to keep the skin clean but to relax the body for a good nights sleep. Don’t forget your glass of water!
For those who live in a hot or humid place a night shower is a must. In fact a shower and a glass of water is recommended after any activity that causes a high level of sweating. Cleanliness is the key.

After your shower take a look at your clothes. Do they fit to tight? Can your skin breath? Wearing soft comfortable cotton clothes are highly recommended , a must if you have acne. At night, clean bedding and a clean PILLOW are very important. Ladies, Honey Kissed Skin Care wants you to clean your make up brush on a regular basis.

Honey Kissed Skin Care has mild neutral ph line of soaps. With Essential oils for natural antibacterial skin care along honey and beeswax for moisturizing . These are added to our Goats Milk, Oatmeal, Shea Butter Cocoa Butter, And of course Bees Wax And Honey soaps. A luxurious way of removing all of the dirt, grease, pollutants, and excess oil from your skin reducing the chances of acne. Ladies don’t forget to remove your make up ladies with a make up remover at night before your shower.

Water, do you drink enough? Our bodies, like our mother earth are 70% water. Honey Kissed Skin Care believes we need plenty of fresh, good, clean water for good skin health. Nutrition is also just as important if not more than cleanliness . When you eat right, drink your water and bathe with Honey Kissed Skin Care soaps you will enjoy a great complexion.

Don’t over do it! Washing your face to often will wash out all the sebum ( an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that lubricates the hair and skin and gives some protection against bacteria ). Two times a day is more than plenty for a clean youthful complexion.