Regulate Your Honey Consumption

At The Honey Cottage we have been working with a Doctor out of Castle Rock, Colorado. His name is Doctor Ron Fessenden and he wrote the book “The Honey Revolution”. This is an excerpt from his book based on the research he did. The regular honey consumption is with raw, unfiltered, straight from the hive honey.

Did you know that regular honey consumption (up to 3 Tablespoons per day) will:

* Lower blood sugar levels. (It is counter-intuitive but true. The sugars in honey actually work together, helping to remove glucose from the blood and store it in the liver as glycogen.)
* Regulate blood sugar from going too low. (Sugar stored in the liver is released on demand for use by other parts of the body when blood sugar levels are low.)
* Lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (Both short term studies in humans and longer studies in animals have shown this cholesterol lowering effect. Many folks who have started consuming honey regularly report that their cholesterol and triglycerides levels have dropped between 30 and 60 mg%.)
* Improve sleep, both quality and duration. (Within a few days, folks who begin consuming honey before bedtime will notice a marked change in sleep patterns. Dreams will become more frequent and sleep duration will increase.)
* Improve immune system function. (This is the primary reason why regular honey consumption reduces allergy symptoms.)

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From Our Hive to Yours,
Queen Bee