What can be done with Honey?

At The Honey Cottage we get many different questions from our customers. We felt that some of the most common questions and answers would make a great blog for those just starting out or learning about honey. One of the most common questions we get is; What can be done with honey? These are the top five most common uses of honey:

1) Use it in tea or coffee
2) As a substitute for sugar in baking and cooking
3) Use it on cuts, abrasions, and wound healing
4) Great for moisturizing the skin
5) AMAZING for allergy sufferers

The benefits of honey are endless and vary to each individual need. First, Honey is so versatile, natural, and unique it is no wonder why so many people are switching away from sugar. The flavor quality is another reason why so many people find it great for their cooking and beverage needs. Next, honey straight from the hive has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which means it will not go bad. Honey is also a humectant, which means it locks in moisture, and has the ability to make its own hydrogen peroxide. This is why Honey is idle for the medicine cabinet; acne, rashes, and cuts are all covered by one product. Lastly, many people suffer from allergy issues and honey is a great way to build up the immune system. So the next time you are in Old Colorado City; buzz on by to taste test the differences between honey and see what you think.

From our bee hive to yours,
Queen Bee