Amazing News

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was just the beginning of 2014? Time has flown by way to quickly, but we have some amazing news to share with you as the New Year comes! First, we will be doing two different blogs a month!! We have had lots of questions asked about specific honeys and what they are made from. So Frank will be doing Frank’s honey pick of the month. We are also getting lots of questions on how to use different products and honeys; so I will be doing a question of the month to help customers have a reference. Second, we want to hear your voice! We want to encourage more people to go to our contact page on the website and let us know your questions. This is our best way of answering any questions that you have. Third, since it is the beginning of the year, we would like to encourage change. We have many people who want to switch to honey instead of sugar, start the Hibernation diet, or want to have over all better health with honey. We will be talking more about how honey affects health in 2015. Lastly, we would like more facebook activity on how you use honey. We have many customers that want to know how other customers use a specific product or how others use honey. We want to share that with others, so please join us on facebook and tell us your thoughts! Thank you for joining us on our adventure in 2014, keep up with us in 2015!!

From our bee hive to yours,

Queen Bee