Frank’s Honey Pick of the Month – Fireweed Honey

One of my favorite honeys is FIREWEED HONEY, it has a light delicate almost buttery flavor.

This beautiful plant is known as the first to grow after a fire and to rapidly populate the area and make way for the forest to recover. With its pink to magenta flowers which grow on a single stalk in a spike shape from two to six feet tall and the ability to colonize quickly. It covers the land, which was lost to the devastating flames of a fire, with the flaming beauty of love from nature as she rebuilds her forest.

The fireweed plant has many uses in Native American culture; from a food source, to using it in teas for some medicinal uses. Fireweed not only gave new life to the land, but is said to help give new life to the body as well.

According to a Native American legend, every fireweed plant is the soul of a tree that was burnt in a forest fire.

The FIREWEED HONEY is light yellow in color with a very pleasant flavor and is quick to crystallize. Coming from the forest and open lands, fireweed honey comes from a natural source without the nasty chemicals that man likes to use. Fireweed is clean, real, pure, natural, and is planted by nature and not by man.

Fireweed Honey is one of the best honeys I know. One of nature’s best.

There is a bad side to fireweed honey, sadly but true. Some people will actually make fireweed honey from the flowers with alum, sugar, water, and clover blossoms. Boiling the mixture, filtering the mixture, and calling it honey. Oh the shameless fools. Remember honey comes from the bees not the kitchen.

From our bee hive to yours,

Queen Bee


Fireweed picture2.docx


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