One of our favorite topics at The Honey Cottage is talking about Beeswax. Why? Because it really blows people’s minds when they find out what you can do with it. We have a lot of customers who have never used it or seen it. So it is a lot of fun explaining what beeswax is and its uses. Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. The wax is formed by wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments 4 through 7 of worker bees. The workers collect it and use it for structural material in the hive, natural made and naturally healthy.

Beeswax does so many things and is great for everyday use. Here is a list of what Beeswax is good for:

Stuck zippers Batik
Saw blades Sewing kit
Jewelry making (picking up gemstones) Squeaky door hinges
Strengthen fishing line Arthritis wax treatment
Art mediums Furniture polish
Salves and balms Leather softener & shoe polish
Mold making Iron wax
Envelope sealing wax Waterproofing corks
Chocolate sauce Ukrainian Easter eggs
Preserving flowers and leaves Dust mops & dust cloths
Waterproofing wooden cutting boards Golf Club grip wax
Modeling clay Putty (for sealing cracks & nail holes)
Spice sachets Waterproofing paper
Temporary glue Candles
Moustache wax Soap
Rustproof exposed iron & steel Skis and snow shovels
Crack and scratch filler Lubricant for belts and vacuum cleaners
Lubricant for sewing machines Lubricant for tools
Lip balm Mouth piece for didgeridoos
Book binding Shoe shining & lubricant

As you can see it is great for the outside, as well as the inside. Beeswax makes a great barrier on the skin allowing moisture to be locked in. Beeswax is not harmful so it is great in foods that need slight hardening and foods that need a little extra shine. Come to The Honey Cottage and see what it looks like!

From our hive to yours,

Queen Bee


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