Frank’s Honey Pick of the Month – Honey Dew

This month I am thinking about a special honey that makes me think about the Beatles classic song. You know what I am talking about:

Oh Honey Dew
You know I love you
I’ll always be true
So please, Honey dew
Whoa Honey dew

A honey to love
A honey that’s new
A honey to love
A honey like you

Well I must have had a little too much of the dew honey, but I dew like the Beatles and honey dew.

Once upon a time there was a cherub called cupid, cupid would look for those in need of love and with the shot of an arrow true love would bloom. Now, cupid would poison the arrows before setting out to spread the magic of love.

Yes, those arrows were dipped in a very powerful poison. Oh honey dew…you know I love you….I’ll always be true… oops there I go again.

Did you know not all honey comes from a flower or nectar source? I know of a magic honey that does not.
Mountain honey, Forest honey, Tree honey are all names for the classic Honey Dew (not the melon).

The old ancient Greeks believed that honey dew fell from the stars, and the demigods would get intoxicated
with the honey dew before they went off to do their great feats in battle or seduction.

Some scholars suggest that the mana consumed by the Israelites was honey dew.

Honey dew is excreted by plant sucking insects such as aphids, the bees collect the excrement’s, and dew their magic to make Honey dew honey…doesn’t that sound yummy.

The straight facts on honey dew honey.

Bees collect nectar in their honey sack, then transfer this nectar to a worker bee’s honey sack, and in the honey sack is where the nutrients and enzymes are put in the honey.
They dew the same with the excreted leftovers of the insects.

Now, the insects live on sap from tree leaves, which is mostly water and maybe 2% protein, to get the nutrition they need. A lot of sap is consumed, the protein is used, and the rest is excreted for the bees to collect.

Honey dew the Honey of love and antiquity, so say the Greeks and cupid with the poison tip arrows.

From our bee hive to yours,



Maybe that’s why true love is so confusing…and what about the Honey dew list.


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