Frank’s Honey Pick of the Month – Rabbit Brush

Rabbit Brush has a long history in the mid-west and with the Hopi natives; the first people of the canyon lands. They used rabbit brush for basket weaving, chewing gum, tea, cough syrup and yellow dye. The nectar and honey was used for overall health and wellness.

Some say that rabbit brush honey can improve one’s concentration and focus on details and are better able to see the whole picture. Think about it… a honey that works on health and mental focus.

The Hopi Indians rabbit brush clan (along with the many other clans) knew how to live in the unforgiving lands that we call the canyon lands. Rabbit Brush was a vital part of their lives from the honey to the fiber.

Let’s not forget that there were some 3,500 different species of bees in North America long before the introduction of the European honey. The native peoples did enjoy the sweet nectar of the plants as produced by the many bees that we call honey. It was a gift from the Great Spirit not a commodity.

Oh Rabbit Brush with your yellow flowers full of nectar and pollen; such a unique dark honey with a flavor that is a true gift of nature. As some say, a honey that is good for your health physical and mental. The Hopi clan of Rabbit Brush knew its secrets and now you do too.

The rabbit brush is a cousin to the sage brush, it has almost a thick buttery flavor in my opinion. I would like to invite you to come to The Honey Cottage and try it for yourself and… think about it.

From our bee hive to yours,


Do you know what you like?

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a product, getting home, and discovering that it does not taste good. That is what makes us different, we LOVE giving taste testings of different honeys!!

Do you know what you like? Your taste buds do! This has been my new catch phrase because your taste buds can tell you better than anything what you are going to find palatable. Honey is different depending on the time of year, what types of pollen were collected, and taste. No two honeys are the same and honeys change from one year to the next. So there are going to be different notes that people are going to notice that others may not. The tongue has a way to sense what is to strong and what is too light. Some honeys maybe sweeter than other honeys and some maybe too strong.

The joy of watching people light up when they try a new honey is indescribable. It is fascinating for so many customers to walk into our shop and see how many honeys there are available. We don’t even have them all; there are more than 250 honeys and that does not even count the small beekeepers that can have several types. Don’t bee fooled honey should not have the same consistency, flavor, and color all the time. Honey should be based on what is available for the bees to nibble on!!

It is fun to watch people who have not had the joy of experiencing raw honey straight from the hive. It is even more interesting to watch two people trying the same type of honey and watching their reactions. It is the realization that nobody’s taste buds are the same. So let us help you find what you like by buzzing by and doing a honey tasting the next time you are in Old Colorado City.

From our hive to yours,

Queen Bee