New Specialty Honey Caramels

Welcome to our hive!! Just like a beehive, we have been spending the last month revamping and doing minor cleaning. We have lots of big news to share with you over the coming months so make sure to like and follow us wherever we go.

The first big surprise is we have been working with Peak Candy Company! This is a local company out of the Colorado Springs area that is hand making Honey Caramels for us!!! Peak Candy Company’s confections are based on a “think & act local” philosophy.

We support other local businesses by showcasing their products and package our goodies in biodegradable cellophane. We enjoy exploring unique flavors and hope to push the limits of what you think is possible in confections.

After leaving the corporate world behind in 2009, Nina followed her passion for pastry into many of the best bakeries and restaurants in Boston, including Flour Bakery & Cafe, Sofra Bakery & Cafe, and Oleana Restaurant. After relocating to Colorado Springs in 2013, Nina worked at Summit @ The Broadmoor, The Old School Bakery, and The Blue Star. She founded Peak Candy Company in November of 2014 to bring distinctive handmade confections to the people of Colorado and beyond!

Nina has been working with us to bring fantastic new honey caramels to the scene. Nina is using the Colorado Springs honey (our most local honey for the Colorado Springs area), alfalfa clover honey from the western slopes and buckwheat honey in the honey caramels that we have at The Honey Cottage.

We are so excited about this amazing new product and want to share Nina’s passion for confections as well as ours for honey. What better way to share a passion than with Honey Caramels… they are simply bee-licious!!

From our bee hive to yours,

Queen Bee