National Honey Month!!!

September is National Honey Month!  At The Honey Cottage everything starts with the bees and our goal to educate our customers.  So here are some super cool facts about bees that we wanted to share!

1- Did you know that bees have 5 eyes?  Three of them are in the front and two of them are on either side of their head!!

2- Beeswax cells start out as a circle, but the heat of the hive turns them into hexagonal shapes.

3- Bees go through four stages; egg-> larva -> pupa -> adult

SUPER COOL FACT: Bees can molt in the larva stage!!!

4- Bees can live up to 40 days, drones can live up to 90 days, and Queens can live up to 4 years!!

5- Did you know that the queen bee can lay over 2,000 eggs a day?

6- Bees collect nectar and pollen; from the nectar bees are able to make honey and beeswax

7- Depending on what the bees eat will determine the different flavors in honey comb

8- Bees do two types of capping in the hive; when the bee is in the pupa stage and when the honey is at the correct water level

9- Did you know that the comb in a hive is more sterile than an operating room?

Feel free to share with friends and family. The more everyone knows the better care we can take care of these amazing ladies.

From our hive to yours,

Queen Bee