Honey in another light

At The Honey Cottage we strive to improve our customer’s knowledge. We feel that customers can make better decisions when they have good information. At The Honey Cottage we get super excited about bees and honey. It is very exciting to show customers new honeys and even more exciting when they do a taste testing. This then raises questions about how honey works in our bodies. This is one of the reason’s we work with Ron Fessenden MD, MPH, we like being able to answer questions with the facts. The internet is a great tool; however, there are too many opinions instead of facts. We have also run into the problem where someone wrote an opinion about someone’s blog. So trying to find the facts and the truth can bee a real struggle sometimes. At The Honey Cottage we do the best to control our opinions so that customers can make up their own minds.

A question that comes up frequently is; won’t honey raise my blood sugar? Dr. Fessenden and Mike McInnes, MRPS reply’s, in The Honey Revolution (abridged), with this; “a small dose of honey does not raise blood sugar as much as an equivalent dose of glucose or sugar (sucrose); it does not trigger a large insulin spike. Honey controls or regulates blood sugar and helps to stabilize it within a normal range.” Now we need to clarify this because honey is not just honey that you find in any bear. The honey Dr. Fessenden is talking about is raw straight from the hive honey. This means that the honey has not been adultered nor had anything added to it. The nutrients that are in honey are vital to the body and cannot be duplicated by man. The sugars in raw honey are all usable by the body and honey has minerals and trace minerals that are also used.

Now this leads to another question, which actually concerns us, we get. Is there such thing as sugar free honey? To answer this straight forward, there is no such thing as straight from the hive raw honey that is sugar free. The plain and simple answer is that the sugar free honey is an imitation product that is for those that are diabetic. Dr. Fessenden MD, MPH, and Mike McInnes, MRPS have answered this question in their book The Honey Revolution, “Honey consumption regulates blood sugar, reducing the highs and preventing the lows, and regular honey consumption results in lower average blood sugar levels (10 to 20 milligrams percent or more) and in lower HbA1c levels (0.2 to 0.4 percent). After ingestion, honey is rapidly absorbed and converted into glycogen in the liver, thus removing glucose from circulation and lowering blood sugar levels.”

They also say this: “The effect of honey on blood sugar levels is due to its ideal combination of fructose and glucose- a unique composition that facilitates the direct formation of liver glycogen and lowers blood sugar levels. Lower blood sugar levels mean a lessened demand for and release of insulin, thus accounting for a stabilization of blood sugar within the circulation.”

Dr. Fessenden has been researching and testing honey for years, trying to find all of benefits of this liquid treasure. Honey can be a very valuable addition to anyone’s diet. Like everything, it should be done in small amounts. Everything should be limited and not over used. Feel free to pick up any of his books as well to see what we are learning from this local doctor and author. Bee Happy, Bee Well!

From our bee hive to yours,

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