Got a Swarm? Who you going to call….A BEEKEEPER!!!

This year is buzzing by too quickly for us; can you believe it is the end of May?? We have been getting a lot of questions about swarms, what to do, and who to call. For Colorado Springs there is a local group called the Pikes Peak Beekeeping Association. This is a group of beekeepers that are either just starting or have been beekeeping for years.  You can also call us at The Honey Cottage for help. If you are out of state there a website that has the information state by state. Everything is listed at the end of the blog.

It is the time of year where the bees are starting to get out of the hive and buzz about to get honey and pollen. This is also the time of year when folks will see swarms of bees; sometimes in trees, in wheel wells on cars, BBQ’s, gas meters, and on fences. Bees will go anywhere that they can congregate to give the scout bee’s time to find a new home. Bees will eat enough honey to keep them going for a few days until they are able to find a new home. Bees will leave the hive due to the fact that the hive is overcrowded. What is important to know is that they are fairly docile because the LARGE amount of honey they have eaten acts like a mild sedative.

As we tell everyone; please don’t mess with them!!  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPRAY THEM, NOT EVEN WATER!!!  There is a bee shortage happening and we need all the bees we can get for pollination.  NO BEES, NO FOOD, NO HONEY!  Bees will not harm or sting you when they are left alone. Calling a beekeeper will allow the beekeeper to gather the bee’s safely and transfer them to a bee hive. A beekeeper will wear a bee suit and is experienced with taking care of swarms so the bees are not harmed and they can get the queen. The queen bee is most important because she has pheromones that helps guide the bees as to what to do and how to do it. Beekeepers make taking care of bees their profession and take pride in taking care of bees. So PLEASE let them do their job and help keep both you and the bees safe.

Call The Honey Cottage: 719-329-0525 for help


The website for Pikes Peak Beekeeping Chapter: Swarm and Bee Removal:  If you have questions about swarms or bee removal, please call Lazarus Fields at 765-425-1940 or e-mail: ltf [at]


Don’t live in the Springs: Call the Colorado State Beekeeping Association: Call the NEW toll-free SWARM AND STRUCTURAL REMOVAL HOTLINE: 1-844-779-2337 (1-844-SPY-BEES)

Wait you don’t live in Colorado, now what?  Come move to Colorado!!!

Not an option??  Okay, click on this:  and choose your state to find someone close to you!!


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