Honey Sticks


At The Honey Cottage we firmly believe experiences help other people. Weather it is our experiences that we share or what customers share with us and others. This month has been no exception. We have had many customers come in and talk about the advantages of honey sticks. One of those advantages was using them during pregnancy and labor. I was so excited to hear this because one of our big surprises this year was that we were having a baby!! So I took the advice of so many people and had honey sticks stashed everywhere; I also had them in my labor bag and anywhere else I could think to hide them. I can honestly say the honey sticks are super handy and are fantastic to have on hand. Plus, others said they used them after labor too!

Some of the big advantages that I and others noticed during pregnancy: they are convenient, they are perfect for the purse and overnight bag, they come in different types of honey or flavors, and they are a big energy boost. I liked that I did not have to carry around a bottle of honey everywhere. It was nice to be able to pop one open and have the energy boost I needed; each stick is a teaspoon of honey. When I was in labor no food was allowed, but I could have HONEY which gave me the energy I needed! Lastly, these have been great for when my sugar gets too low.

Other helpful ways to use honey sticks:

-Many diabetics use them to boost their blood sugar levels

-Teachers use them for their students as incentives

-We have had a lot of military come in and stock up for when they are in the field

-Several parents use them for helping their little ones potty train

-Perfect for nursing moms

-Back packing

-Hiking or biking

-Walking or running

-Perfect for kids birthday parties

-Baby showers or weddings

These are some of the ways our customers use honey sticks!! They make a great gift and are perfect to have around the house! We are super thankful for those who come in and share what they learn from using the different products at The Honey Cottage. Feel free to “like”, follow, and share what you learn on our facebook page or on twitter!!

From our bee hive to yours,

Queen Bee

P.S. Here is a peak at our new bumblebee!!!