Confessions of a Beekeeper 2020

Do you get super excited about what you do?

I feel as beekeepers we should be doing more than collecting honey because we get money from it. Beekeeping should be about the excitement of keeping bees, educating people, and getting excited about what other beekeepers are doing!

At The Honey I have seen people get really antsy about the bees! The pure excitement that I feel when I watch a bee, go from one flower to the next, is indescribable. This summer, I got even more excited when I saw that we got sunflower seeds from our sunflowers. To watch the bee go to each flower on the sunflower and then get seeds three weeks later blew my mind! That is how beekeeping works for me too! They go from flower to flower drinking the sweet nectar, put the nectar into the cells of the beeswax, and then BAM! a couple of weeks later there is honey! It is way more exciting then television! You get to see the whole cycle of our food system as you watch them.

For the longest time I have been stumped on on why beekeepers would feed their bees; high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar water, or powdered sugar. To bee bluntly honest…I still am! I understand that it is another food source, for bees, if there are no plants around. I understand that the consistency of sugar water is the same as flower nectar. BUT here is my problem; as humans WE KNOW we don’t get nutrition from sugar. No vitamins. No minerals. No trace minerals. No energy. No health benefits. Right?!?! So why do so many beekeepers insist on feeding it to the bees? If our immune system takes a hit and makes us more susceptible to catching a cold, flu, or any other illness; why do the same thing to bees? Bees get the same nutrition we get when we eat a salad because they are the ones pollinating the flowers so we get the food. So why are we not pushing for more people to plant flowers and gardens?

OMG watching another beekeeper do honey harvesting is way cooler then watching a movie star go to the store with no make up! To say that I was overwhelmingly excited is an understatement! The smell of honey baths your senses like no other experience. Seeing their process, their machines, and talking about their methods is BEE-YOND anything else in the world! I feel this is how we should be reacting to beekeeping and to other beekeepers. I think we should be excited to try their honey, talk about beekeeping, and sharing ideas. We should be excited about why they bee-lieve in the methods they use. Beekeepers should be passionate about taking care of the bees; it will show in your honey 😉

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

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