What is Raw Honey?


We have been having more customers come into The Honey Cottage and ask, what is raw honey? What are the nutritional benefits of honey? I am so excited to show you why honey is the way it is!

Raw honey starts with the bees drinking nectar from the flowers and adding their enzymes to the nectar. That is it! The flowers the bees visit provide everything that bees and humans need to survive on. The bees then take the nectar to the hive, put it into cells, and lower the moisture level. When the water content is about 15%-20% the bees will cap it signifying it is ready for human consumption. Honey has 180 known substances in it!

Raw honey straight from the hive has naturally occurring sugars in it. Raw honey from the hive has 20 different sugars in it; these are the main sugars in honey:

-Dextrose                                             -Levulose                                              -Maltose

-Fructose                                              -Sucrose                                                -Glucose

It also has:

Probiotics, prebiotics, water, proteins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

15 different acids – gluconic, citric, formic, lactic, amino, and pyruvic just to name a few.

Vitamins – vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B complex vitamins, and beta carotene.

Minerals and trace minerals – potassium, sodium, magnesium,silica, copper, iodine to name a few.

Other nutrients – pigments, esters, tannis, and terpenes, to name some of them.

18 Flavonoids – quercetin, luteolin, kaempferol, apigenin, chrysin, and galangin to name some of them.

There are many other things in the products from the hive that have not been identified yet! All products from the hive cannot be duplicated by man!  The most important thing  that we want you to understand; ALL the sugar that is in honey is from the FLOWERS! The nutrients that you receive from honey are nothing you are going to find in table sugar, corn syrup, or even artificial sugars. Honey is an anti-inflammatory; this means it will fight inflammation! You can’t get anything better then that!

Come back next month and find out why honey is the best choice for your life! We will be answering questions such as: why is honey different from other sugars you find at the store? Can I get sugar free honey? How is honey better from other sugars?

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen


The Honey Cottage Patchouli Soap

Do you love essential oils?

We LOVE essential oils and what they do for the human body. We have many customers who love our soaps because we use essential oils in them. We do use other natural oils too, but we have found essential oils do more than, as Grandma put it, “stink pretty”.

What we find so important and what we want people to realize is that bees are important for pollinating the flowers from which essential oils are extracted. Essential oils are used to help with everything from skin conditions to depression. Sometimes just the smell of essential oils will lift someone’s mood.

One of our favorite essential oils at The Honey Cottage is patchouli. We have heard quite a few times that if you lived through the 1970’s you either love or hate patchouli! We have seen more and more people have a piqued interest in this amazing essential oil and it is for good reason too; it is fantastic!

Essential oils have been long loved for their natural effectiveness. Many love the fact that they can use an essential oil for an ailment, see results naturally, and not need to take a pill with a long list of side effects.

Essential oils come from plants and flowers! They are a natural health resource that comes from Mother Nature herself. Essential oils are normally used topically and as a perfume. Many people are finding that breathing in these diluted aromatic oils works wonders on their mood. Patchouli is one such oil that can be used in these ways and be effective depending on its purpose.

Patchouli is part of the mint family and has a very earthy scent. Patchouli is quite often used for its calming effects, athlete’s foot, eczema, acne, anti-inflammation, dry skin issues, and depression. For some this essential oil greatly reduces what they are having issues with and without side effects.

When this amazing oil is combined with our handcrafted soap, you have a great combination for healthy skin. We use honey and beeswax in all our soap!! The honey and beeswax create a barrier that allows the essential oil to get into the skin and go to work. Honey and beeswax are also antibacterial and antimicrobial; that is why these ingredients are the best combination for fighting skin issues!!

Let honey kiss your skin and buzz on by for a bar today! You will bee buzzing with excitement just like us!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Honey Caramels at The Honey Cottage

Honey caramels

At The Honey Cottage we are so very excited to bee working with a company out of Steamboat Springs Colorado called Bee Grateful Farm! They are making a buzz because their honey caramels are 100% sweetened with honey! Hethir and Jason Rodriguez have been keeping bees since 2013. In 2019 Hethir and Jason wanted to make something that was much healthier and made with a more sustainable sweetener. They wanted to go above and beyond just making a sugar infused candy. They took their idea and made it into a reality by selling at farmers markets.

Customer after customer would come back for more and so “Heavenly Honey Caramels” was born! These amazing caramels are melt in the mouth goodness and not sticky. The caramels come in salted honey, chocolate, and lavender. At The Honey Cottage they have been selling super fast and we are so happy that they are making such a huge buzz! Come on by The Honey Cottage and see why we are so excited with these amazing honey caramels!!

Oh before I forget; they have a program for all of the caramels they sell!! It is called the Grateful for Pollinators Program. So every bag of caramels that is bought; 10% of the profits go back to the bees!! The program funds and supports pollinator sanctuaries, education, and research!!

So Buzz on by The Honey Cottage and pick up bags of the honey caramels! They are BEE-LICIOUS!!! This is not a joke — my kids and husband have to hide them from me!!!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen