Let’s look at your ACNE

Acne is a skin condition of the skins hair and oil glands. It involves pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts. Acne on your face can ruin your day by making you self-conscious and body acne can make you very uncomfortable. Some people tend to ignore the thought of “ Acne Skin Care” thinking of it as a minor problem. Honey Kissed Skin Care, believes the importance of such skin conditions should not be discarded in any way.

Honey Kissed Skin Care emphasizes that one should follow a daily skin care routine. Start before acne appears and be aware of preventive measures. Lets take a look at a daily routine and how to apply it for a clear complexion.

Skin care starts with cleanliness and the basic element of water used both inside and out . Start your day with a shower and a nice glass of H2O . Many people even take a shower at night, not only to keep the skin clean but to relax the body for a good nights sleep. Don’t forget your glass of water!
For those who live in a hot or humid place a night shower is a must. In fact a shower and a glass of water is recommended after any activity that causes a high level of sweating. Cleanliness is the key.

After your shower take a look at your clothes. Do they fit to tight? Can your skin breath? Wearing soft comfortable cotton clothes are highly recommended , a must if you have acne. At night, clean bedding and a clean PILLOW are very important. Ladies, Honey Kissed Skin Care wants you to clean your make up brush on a regular basis.

Honey Kissed Skin Care has mild neutral ph line of soaps. With Essential oils for natural antibacterial skin care along honey and beeswax for moisturizing . These are added to our Goats Milk, Oatmeal, Shea Butter Cocoa Butter, And of course Bees Wax And Honey soaps. A luxurious way of removing all of the dirt, grease, pollutants, and excess oil from your skin reducing the chances of acne. Ladies don’t forget to remove your make up ladies with a make up remover at night before your shower.

Water, do you drink enough? Our bodies, like our mother earth are 70% water. Honey Kissed Skin Care believes we need plenty of fresh, good, clean water for good skin health. Nutrition is also just as important if not more than cleanliness . When you eat right, drink your water and bathe with Honey Kissed Skin Care soaps you will enjoy a great complexion.

Don’t over do it! Washing your face to often will wash out all the sebum ( an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that lubricates the hair and skin and gives some protection against bacteria ). Two times a day is more than plenty for a clean youthful complexion.

The Mayan’s were Bee Keepers

Mayan history originates in the Yucatan around 2600 B.C. where the Mayan culture grew to bee quite advanced. Along with all their skills in astronomy, architecture, cylindrical systems, and hieroglyphic writing they were also farmers and yes even Bee Keepers. They thought of their bees as pets and as part of nature. Bees were treated as gods with all the powers of Mother Earth. The word for bees is “CAB” which means land, bee-hive, or bee honey. The Mayan deity, Muzen Cab, was The Great Guardian of Honey or the great Lord of Bees. There was also a Bee God, Mok Chi, who could transformed into Bees. The Mayan apiculture is very spiritual and complex and was strongly related to the days of the calendar, as explained in the Madrid Codex.

The beehives in Mayan culture were positioned towards the four cardinal points that hold the universe. Each cardinal point or “Bacab” had its importance. For example the eastern Bacab was in the direction they believed was where honey was produced. The Mayan apiculturists were experts in bee husbandry and collected honey from many of the 500 species of stingless bees. They favored the Melipona Beechei Bonnet, a bee they knew as Xunan Kab. translated as Royal Lady.

The Royal Lady is a stingless bee, whose honey is known for its high nutritional and medicinal values. This honey was used as a sweetener, an antibiotic, and to make the fermented honey drink called ‘balche’ an alcoholic drink used in ritual practices. Today their descendants keep their stingless bees in hollow logs just as their ancestors did before them.

According to ancient Mayan myths, the first inhabitants; called Zayawinicoub, ate up all the royal honey they were harvesting. To avoid facing death as punishment from their gods, Hobin (god of the beehive) turned them into stingless bees so they could restock the honey.
So, you see beekeeping has a long history in many cultures across the world and throughout time. Many people today think of bees as a small group of honey producers that came from Europe. The scientists of today seem to only be concerned with these few bees. I think these are the same scientists, who in the 70’s, said they could prove that a bumble can’t fly. Talk about reveling in one’s ignorance…WOW!!

White Man’s Flies, Mayans, and Beekeeping: Part one

Honey Kissed Skincare uses Raw Honey in all of our products. Raw Honey is the key ingredient, well one of them anyway. So you might be wondering, where does honey come from? A better question might bee where does the honey bee come from?

First, let’s talk about the BEE; there are about 20,000 species of bees in the world. The bee has been around for some 130 million years when Pangaea was breaking up into the land masses we know today. Now, some historian’s claim that the European honey bee was brought to the new world and that was how the native people got a taste of honey and the new crops could be pollinated.
Now isn’t that sweet!?

Umm…there is something missing here.

Let’s not forget that much of the food that we eat came from the Americas. Tomato in your spaghetti sauce, they were imported to Italy. The Irish love of the potato which was also imported. There is also corn, pineapple, sweet potato, pumpkin, squashes, green beans, lima beans, pinto beans (most beans we know), bell pepper, avocado, Brazil nuts, cashews, hickory nuts, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and the cocoa bean. These and many more all came from the new world. Take a look at: http://topics.info.com/_2531 for more on foods of the new world.

As you can see, a large percentage of the food crops we enjoy today came from the America’s and were first farmed, not by savages, head hunters, or soulless heathens, but by a spiritual native population. With much history dating back thousands of years. It is clear to see that their crops were pollinated by bee’s whose history goes back millions of years. So by that logic Columbus did not discover America, nor did the native peoples. The Bees did!

For me beeing part Cherokee and Apache, I don’t always believe what is in the history books.

When the settlers first arrived, it was the native people who showed them how to grow crops and to survive. How can I say this you might ask? In a word….Thanksgiving! Native American’s raised crops and they enjoyed honey when they found a wild hive. There were wild bees, some 2,000 different species and yes, some of these bees stored extra honey in combs. It was all part of nature’s plan. I think the biggest difference between European honey culture and the new world was that the native people lived as part of nature and did not try to profit from nature.

The Native American’s referred to the European honey bee, as WHITE MANS FLIES and I wonder if it is not because this was their first experience with bees, but perhaps it was their first experience with beekeepers.

Let me share with you a Cherokee story about how the bees got their stingers.
Please Take a moment and try the link below:

Next Post: Part II with Mayan Beekeeping!

What is the magic in Essential Oils?

At Honey Kissed Skincare we believe there is a certain magic or, should we say, force found in the gifts that Mother Nature has given to us.

Since the beginning of time humanity has tried to capture and hold the fleeting scent of a flower.  Think of all the memories that are tied to a special floral scent, how we long to relive an experience, to feel that long lost emotion that only that floral scent can unlock.  As if a magical moment was lost forever.  Well, the magic is not lost; in fact it can be bottled to be relived again and again. This magic of the flowers or should I say their essences that we long to hold is very real.

There are healers, alchemists, and lovers who, at different times and from various parts of the world, have found the key to capturing the magic of these floral scents. To be able to preserve them and be able to use at will. These ethereal oils were known as … the soul of the plant!  Magical, Heavenly, or celestial as these treasures seemed to be was summed in a word ETHEREAL.  Essences is what we now call them because that is what they are, the essence of the plant. This essence, this magic, this life force, the very power of the plant is different with each plant. Each has it’ own fragrance, its own personality, its own energy – no two are alike.

When one takes a closer look at this magical gift from the plant world it is found that the oil is located in the form of globules or tiny sacs in or on the surface of the plant tissue. Some can be seen with the naked eye, such as Saint-John’s-Wort when held up to a strong light.

Why are these ethereal or essential oils produced by the plants? They are not just a byproduct of the plants metabolism. Essential oils play a vital part in the life of the plant. To scare off harmful insects and attract beneficial ones is the job of essential oils for many plants. These oils protect the plants from bacteria and fungal infection. When the oils evaporate during the life of the plant a vapor is created that form a barrier that protects the plant from too much cold or heat.

Essential oils are not really oils in the true sense of the word, they are volatile. When a drop of essential oil is placed on a sheet of white paper they evaporate without a trace. They float like magic from your skin into the air, unlike the fatty oils such as olive oil or corn oil.

Honey Kissed Skincare would like to share this gift of nature with you.  Everything we do is with your skin and nature in mind. We promise to never use man made fragrances, No man can equal Mother Nature


The Essentials of Honey Kissed Skincare

Of course, honey is a key ingredient in all of products made at Honey Kissed Skincare and yes it is essential in the formula.
However, the essentials I am referring to, for this article, are the essential oils. Think of the product line as aromatherapy for the bath. We will never use fragrance oils (as my grandmother said… they just make you stink pretty).
Skin care is essential to healthy living and is so much more than a fantasy smell.

The use of essential oils goes back thousands of years.  Not as long as honey, but still a long rich history. The history on essential oils dates back to 4500 B.C., according to papyrus found in the Temple of Edfu.
Hieroglyphics in the Egyptian Temple of Isis, on the island of Philae, describes the ritual of “ Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”, a three day ritual that required using essential oils.

Then there are the Greeks, or should I say Hippocrates (the father of medicine), who learned a great deal of the Egyptians use of essential oils.  Hippocrates attended the school of Cos, which had teachings that were learned from the cities of the Nile.

Lastly, there are the Romans, who purified their temples and political buildings by diffusing essential oils. They also used aromatics in their steam baths, to both invigorate the flesh and ward off disease.
Plant oils were used by so many cultures throughout time for healing, health, and spiritually. Until, modern man discovered drugs and became civilized. This civilized man thought of the old ways as “folklore”.  Their thoughts switched to not needing the healing properties from oils and plants, THEY NOW HAD DRUGS. After this, essential oils were forgotten for a while.

Well, in the late 19th century essentials oils were reintroduced into modern medicine, thanks to Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Ph D. He was a cosmetic chemist from France and in 1907 he led a group of scientists and began studying essential oils.

It is true what they say, everything old is new again.

At Honey Kissed Skincare we believe in the power of the essential oils that the ancient’s knew so well and modern man has just discovered. The oils from nature can and do so much for one’s spirit, mind, body, and oh yes our skin.
Whether you choose perky peppermint oil, lovely lavender oil, or even the golden Frankincense and Myrrh combination; essential oils are so good for your skin and will leave a heavenly scent.
(You won’t stink, pretty or not) Thanks Grandma.