Mika’s Toy Box and The Honey Cottage gift card give away!

I have to say that being a small business owner has not been easy in the last year. We have been blessed by our customers each and everyday and are truly grateful. We were very surprised to see businesses helping other businesses by talking about each other on social media! We love that the community is pulling together and helping in anyway that they can.

To celebrate all our customers stepping up and keeping our business in business through all of these difficult times we say thank you! Any time you make a purchase in February you may enter for a chance to win a $25 dollar gift card. This gift card is sponsered by Mika’s Toy Box here in Colorado Springs! We want to step up and help each others businesses get their names out there as much as we can!

Mika is a spunky young entrepreneur who loves to share her experiences with her fans! Mika has reading videos, unwrapping presents videos, silly joke videos, and adventure videos on her channel. This channel is perfect for kiddo’s that are looking for something fun and educational. It is also perfect for kids that love a good laugh! We are also hoping to get her some sponserships to keep her channel going!! Please buzz by her youtube channel and check her out!

Check out her Youtube channel; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI35bapcyp6dIjBHvuhfXmw

From Our Bee Hive To Yours,