What is Raw Honey? Part II


Welcome back to The Honey Cottage; What is Raw Honey Part II! Last month we talked about; what is raw honey? What are the nutritional benefits of honey? Now, we will bee going over; why is honey different from other sugars you find at the store? Can I get sugar free honey? How is honey better from other sugars? 

Honey is a much better sweetener because it is not a chemical made by man. It does not feed cancer and other illnesses because raw honey is an alkaline ash food; acidic foods feed cancer!! That is why cancer patients can have honey safely because it aids the body by keeping it at an alkalized state. Honey that is produced from flowers, meaning the bees are not eating sugar water, and is kept in the raw state has vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients that boost your immune system. It even has antioxidants!! When raw honey is eaten it will raise your blood sugar and level off; that means no crazy sugar crashes!  

Don’t want sugar in your honey? Well there is no such thing as “sugar free” honey. Bees collect the nectar from flowers and raw honey is made from plants and flowers. If the honey is not coming from flowers or being made by bees; it is not honey. Honey is the best “sugar” you will find on the market. Dr. Ronald Fessenden is a medical doctor out of Castle Rock Colorado. He has been working with honey for years. He has written several books showing that the benefits of honey and what it does for the body. He recommends honey for his diabetic patients, for those who are sleep deprived, and many other daily health improvements. One of his books, The Honey Revolution, breaks down how honey can work with your body and boost your body’s ability to fight allergies, stress, and yes even how it works with your body to kick cancers butt!! Honey has been around for centuries and does not go bad. We highly recommend that if you don’t want any sugar then just don’t eat any. Fight for your body not your cravings!  

The human brain lives off of glucose which can be found naturally in; raw honey, molasses, and fruits. When the brain has not had enough glucose; people have issues with brain fog, tiredness, and irritability. When your body is not getting enough sleep that means your body can lose its ability to fight off infections, your immune system can crash, or you are more susceptible to getting sick. Honey is the ONE sugar that will fight for you and get you the little sweetness you are wanting. Many people have even noted how they use less honey then they would sugar! Oh, and remember the prebiotics and probiotics; those feed your healthy gut bacteria making it easier for your body to break food down and getting your body the nutrients, it needs to bee healthy! This is why honey is the bee-st pick for sweetening your food!  

From our hive to yours, 

Bee Queen 


Regulate Your Honey Consumption

At The Honey Cottage we have been working with a Doctor out of Castle Rock, Colorado. His name is Doctor Ron Fessenden and he wrote the book “The Honey Revolution”. This is an excerpt from his book based on the research he did. The regular honey consumption is with raw, unfiltered, straight from the hive honey.

Did you know that regular honey consumption (up to 3 Tablespoons per day) will:

* Lower blood sugar levels. (It is counter-intuitive but true. The sugars in honey actually work together, helping to remove glucose from the blood and store it in the liver as glycogen.)
* Regulate blood sugar from going too low. (Sugar stored in the liver is released on demand for use by other parts of the body when blood sugar levels are low.)
* Lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (Both short term studies in humans and longer studies in animals have shown this cholesterol lowering effect. Many folks who have started consuming honey regularly report that their cholesterol and triglycerides levels have dropped between 30 and 60 mg%.)
* Improve sleep, both quality and duration. (Within a few days, folks who begin consuming honey before bedtime will notice a marked change in sleep patterns. Dreams will become more frequent and sleep duration will increase.)
* Improve immune system function. (This is the primary reason why regular honey consumption reduces allergy symptoms.)

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