Small Business Saturday November 28, 2020

Why support small businesses on Small Business Saturday?

A couple of years ago, I read a blog that was talking about how everyone needs to have support on Small Business Saturday. This included big businesses because our neighbors, friends, and family members work there so it is good to support their pay check. At first, I agreed with this blog because I understood their message bee-hind it.

Then 2020 hit…

Here is why I bee-lieve you should be supporting small businesses on Small Business Saturday. When COVID-19 hit this year, we saw a large increase of people shopping at big businesses. They have food, electronics, toys, and other daily essentials that people need. While small businesses had to shut down. They had to let people go. Other businesses literally could not survive the shut down to keep going. Many tried to get on-line sales, curb-side pickup, and even went as far as to deliver to homes to try and keep going. Small businesses suffered while big businesses kept booming by the influx of buyers.

I also realized something else this year; where do people shop on black Friday and cyber Monday? That is right big stores. So many people rush out to get the better deals, the big buy, or the cheapest items to make the budget stretch. I get it. We are all on a budget so I totally understand these sales and do not down them.

What I am trying to get across is; big businesses are not suffering they get support 365 days a year!  Small businesses have one special day that belongs to Small Businesses. Small Business Saturday is about supporting the mom and pop shops that are trying to do something they are passionate about while also making a living. When you show your support by shopping with a Small Business you are helping them. For some it is putting their kids through school, paying for dance lessons, paying rent for their home, or allowing them to support other businesses.  For some businesses this is their big push to get through the slow months of January and February.

Now let me be clear; I completely understand that COVID-19 has changed the game this year. Maybe you are not able to get out. Maybe you don’t want to be around people. We totally understand. BUT, you can shop on-line or call them and ask them if they can do curb-side. Or shop on another day when it is less crowded. Customers don’t like seeing their favorite businesses go; so, let’s all work together to keep Small Businesses open!

From our hive to yours,

Bee Queen

Got Dry Skin?

At The Honey Cottage we get a lot of customers in the shop that struggle with dry skin. We believe in increasing knowledge as well as helping find the best product for their skin. We are pleased to be able to carry two fantastic companies; The Naked Bee and Honey House Naturals. The ingredients are simple and increase moisture for the skin.

We encourage our customers to make changes to their daily habits, like drinking more water. An increase in water intake can rehydrate not only the skin, but the internal organs that help keep the skin hydrated also. Another tip is to make sure to cleanse the face and body with a moisturizing soap. Another change we talk about is taking out two key ingredients from their skin care, mineral oil and alcohol.

Mineral Oil – This oil is known to be in almost all skin care products. For many people mineral oil provides a small amount of moisture, but for the other half it can over moisturize the skin and causes an allergic reaction. This oil creates a film that, for many, can clog the pores which can cause acne and black heads.

Alcohol – Alcohol in skin care products has been known to give a satisfying cooling effect. However, alcohol is very damaging to the skin; after use it can start to erode the skin’s barrier. The barrier is what keeps bad things out and good things in once this layer is stripped it no longer can protect us. Alcohol is also known for drying out the skin so you have to keep applying lotion all day long.

We love honey for inside uses as well as outside! Honey is a humectant which means it will lock moisture into the skin and has the ability to make its own hydrogen peroxide. However, it will not block the pores and will keep the natural moisture in the skin where it belongs.

Plus, honey and beeswax are both very natural and provide a great barrier. For those that use essential oils; the beeswax and honey both allow the essential oil to do its job instead of wiping off.

Honey is also a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial property which means it will not go bad. This is why Honey is ideal for the medicine cabinet; acne, rashes and cuts are all covered by one product. Feel free to buzz by The Honey Cottage and test any of our lotions or ask questions!

From our bee hive to yours,

Queen Bee